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A New Lebanon?
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Lebanese party: Kill all Palestinians

The "Guardians of the Cedars" Party's political campaign include calls to deport and kill all foreigners and Palestinians; Party's platform states that the civil war in the country had never ended

In a bid to reestablish its position in the Lebanese political arena, the Christian "Guardians of the Cedars" party is calling to "deport all Palestinians and foreigners from Lebanon and take over their possessions."


The party, which has been active in Lebanon's political system since the seventies, is recently working to regain its position in the local scene by way of inciting hate and internal strife.


Party slogans include the call for "every Lebanese to kill a Palestinian," declaring that "not one Palestinian will remain in Lebanon."


The Lebanese al-Saphir newspaper reported Wednesday that the party's campaign focuses on the notion that "the civil war has never ended."


The party's platform, titled "The New Lebanon," voices demands that Lebanon's old, traditional leaders be placed on trial; build a strong, brave army that has faith in Allah (God) and in Lebanon; amend the country's election law; and permanently deport all Palestinians and foreigners from Lebanon and take over their possessions.


The regenerating party named as its enemies some of the country's old leaders, left-wing ideologies and the Palestinians.


Party members, among them Habib Younes and Joseph el-Khouri, have also attacked Syria.


"The Syrian is worse than the Israeli," they said. "The Israelis conquered the land and then left, while the Syrians abused the land, the economy, the justice system and our security, and left nothing intact."


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