Settlers target Naveh
Photo: Danny Salomon
Settlers attack senior officer’s convoy
Northern West Bank residents place spikes on road, stone Central Command chief’s vehicle. Police launch investigation into incident
Settler violence against IDF officers continues: Settlers placed spikes on the road and hurled stones at a jeep carrying IDF Central Command Head Yair Naveh near the northern West Bank settlement of Yitzhar.


The incident occurred a short while after Naveh landed on a nearby hill. The settlers, who spotted a jeep convoy waiting at the helipad and recognized Naveh’s vehicle, promptly placed spikes in the area.


The central command head, who was accompanied by other senior officers, was traveling to the regional headquarters for consultations, but the convoy was forced to stop in Yitzhar after one officer spotted the spikes on the road.


Officers traveling in the first jeep disembarked and began clearing the spikes, before about thirty settlers gathered around them and attempted to block their way. The convoy continued on its way, but the young settlers began hurling stones at the jeep.


No injuries were reported in the incident, but the jeep where Naveh was traveling had a flat tire. Still, the officers continued driving, while the settlers yelled at them “Jews don’t expel Jews.”


Border Guard forces were dispatched to the scene while the army filed a complaint with the local police.


Following the incident, army sources told Ynet: “We view the incident with severity. We’ll make sure justice is served.”


Since the disengagement plan was implemented, several incidents involving settler violence against IDF officers have been reported. Meanwhile, protests by mostly far-right activists outside the homes of officers who took part in the pullout continue.


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