Photo: Dani Solomon
The prime minister's Negev ranch
Photo: Dani Solomon
Qassam rocket found near Sharon's ranch
Rocket dud discovered by accident close to the prime minister's ranch; IDF says rocket was fired three weeks ago and failed to go off

A Qassam rocket which failed to detonate upon landing was found south of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Negev ranch on Saturday morning. The rocket was found 250 meters from the gravesite of the prime minister's wife, Lili. IDF sappers said the rocket was fired three ago at the Western Negev, during the last round of rocket fire at southern Israel from Gaza.


The dud was discovered by chance during searches in the area. IDF sapper forces from the Lachish district and security forces from the area were mobilized to the scene.


The entire area has been closed off to traffic until the rocket is neutralized.


This is not the first time that a Qassam rocket has fallen close to the prime minister's ranch. Two months ago, a Qassam landed close the ranch, and a media blackout on the rocket's location was also imposed.


Prime Minister Sharon's ranch is located close to Sderot, and it known that the site is within Qassam rocket range.


Shumulik Hadad contributed to this report


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