MacDonald's under fire
Israelis mark anti-McDonald's day
Protesters rally across nation to mark international anti-McDonald's day; activists claim fast food chain harms environment, exploits workers and tortures animals
Activists throughout Israel demonstrated Sunday afternoon to mark international anti-McDonald's day, by staging protests, presentations and other activities across the country.   


This annual demonstration, which has taken place for the past 20 years, aims to protest the fast food chain's destruction of the environment, exploitation of workers, and the torture and killing of animals, activists say.


The activists say the protests will focus on the destructive influence of consumer culture and corporate control over our lives.


The organization for the liberation of animals in Israel (ALI) and the coalition against McDonald's have partnered together to form a unified front to fight the for the common cause. 


Activities against the corporation already began Friday in Tel Aviv, where activists resorted to street theater to protest.


They also presented a gallery of photos showing cruelty to animals, harm to the environment, and issues pertaining to workers' rights.


Free T-shirts and vegan food were also handed out and stands were constructed to supply information and pamphlets.


Later, protesters led a rally past the fast food branches in the center of Tel Aviv. Police attempted to disperse the crowds once they reached Dizengoff Square but were met with resistance.


'Disastrous policies'


Protests against McDonald's will continue Sunday throughout the country. The activists say they are demonstrating against the chain to protest its "disastrous policies."


Among other charges, the protesters claim McDonald's harms the public's health by selling unhealthy food and targets a young audience with its advertising campaigns. The chain also sell toys produced in Chinese sweatshops that employ children, the activists say. 


They claim McDonald's harms animals, caging them in difficult conditions and slaughtering billions a year. The corporation is also accused of harming the environment by destroying the rainforests and producing waste, and causing starvation by using fertile land in poor countries for growing crops to feed animals used for fast food.


McDonald's in Israel declined comment on the protest.


The international anti-McDonald's day started in the 1980s when London Greenpeace launched a campaign against McDonald's under the heading "What's wrong with McDonald's?"


McDonald's sued the activists in a trial that went on for 10 years.


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