Website claims Peres behind his murder. Rabin
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Airbrushed photos showing his hands dripping with blood. Peres
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Website inciting against Peres?
Conspiracy theory website blames vice premier for assassination of Yitzhak Rabin; posts photo of Peres with his hands, lips dripping with blood. Attorney General Mazuz to determine whether website operators should be accused of incitement

A conspiracy theory website has blamed Vice Premier Shimon Peres for the assassination of former Prime Minster Yitzhak Rabin.


The website, which belongs to Barry Chamish, posted an airbrushed photo of Peres showing his hands and lips dripping with blood.


Attorney General Menachem Mazuz is set to examine the case and determine whether Chamish and David Rutstein, who operates the website, should be accused of incitement.


Chamish, 55, is the author of the book “Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin” and numerous conspiracy-related articles.


The website also claims that former IDF Chief of Staff Raphael Eitan was murdered and that former minister Natan Sharansky was “an agent for the Soviet secret service.”


Several days ago the website posted two photos of Peres - one showing his hands and lips dripping with blood and the other showing him behind bars; the title read, “Volunteers needed to bring Peres to trial."


Rutstein recently claimed he had filed a slander lawsuit against Peres, claiming the vice premier has referred to him as “insane” in one of the Labor Party publications.


'How dare they?'


During Sunday’s cabinet meeting Housing Minister Yitzhak Herzog presented Mazuz with a printed version of the website’s shocking homepage and asked that he look into the case.


“Only a few days ago we were witness to the unruly incitement of the Amir family, which wants to taint the memory of late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin,” Herzog told Ynet.


“And here we see that the tree of incitement continues to take root. The foolish and criminal theory whereby Peres is responsible for Rabin’s murder proves how short memory can be.”


Minister Matan Vilnai (Labor) said after seeing the photos, “I cannot understand how this website even exists; how such a nobody dares to speak out against Peres in this manner.”


Rutstein, 39, who admitted to posting the photos, said, “I invite ministers Peres and Herzog to sue me; if they do, perhaps we will be able to verify our claim.”


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