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Body of Ayman al-Hams
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Father: Court legitimized killing children

Riled father of Ayman al-Hams, killed by an IDF officer, responds to court ruling to acquit captain accused of shooting his daughter

Samir al-Hams, father of Ayman al-Hams, could not believe his ears when a Ynet correspondent told him of the Tel Aviv District Court's decision to acquit an IDF captain accused of carrying out a "confirmed kill" on his 13 year-old daughter.


The court accepted the captain's testimony, in which he said he feared the girl was sent by Palestinian gunmen to draw fire away from themselves.


"I just can't believe it, this can't be, there must be a misunderstanding," Samir said.


After regaining his composure, Samir added that "this decision is a disaster, it's distorted and unjust. The Israeli courts and Israeli government seem to be wanting to legitimize the killing of Palestinian children. They are actually telling their soldiers: Kill more Palestinian children."


For a moment, the father again questioned what he heard.


"Are you sure that was the decision? I thought the deliberation was being held next month," he told Ynet.


'Court murdered hundreds of times'


"I'm shocked and it hurts," he said. "If the soldier murderer my daughter with 30 bullets, the court murdered her again today 100 times."


Samir added that he did not have high expectations from the Israeli judicial system, "but I hoped there would be something for appearances, that they would give him two to three years in jail and then release him, something small to silence people. But the Israelis didn't bother with that either, and it proves their lack of humanity."


"All the human rights organizations and press representatives from around the world who visited me were sure that the murderer would get a heavy prison sentence," Samir added. "At the same time of the murder of my daughter, an Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian who killed an Israeli kid to three life sentences, but to murder my daughter warrants a prize."


"I want to turn to that same soldier murderer and ask him how would he feel if a murderer would empty full magazine clips into his son or daughter, how would he feel," Samir said.


"He should understand what I feel today and what I felt after the murder. But it seems there is no one to talk to in Israel and this doesn't interest anyone, therefore I have no choice but to turn to the international court and see if I can bring the Israeli criminals to justice. Something must be done because this was cold-blooded murder of a girl."


'Israelis are infidels'


Ayman's uncle Abu Jihad Salman told Ynet the decision was "cruel, but not surprising."


"The Israeli and Zionist enemy are a group of infidels, so what is there to expect? Can infidels be expected to have humanity…? The answer is no," Abu Jihad said.


"Everything is in the hands of Allah. Everything is from Allah and Allah is the one who will bring us justice," he added.


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