New voice analysis technology set to imrpove airport security

Israeli innovation: Airport lie detectors

New system to identify lying passengers through voice analysis; detectors already installed in airports, banks in Russia and Britain

A new voice analysis system developed by Israeli company Nemesysco and used to detect suspicious passengers, drug smugglers, and terrorists has been recently installed at the Moscow airport.


The system, nicknamed "the hidden magician," has already enabled Russian airport security staff to identify and arrest attempted contraband smugglers, and Russia is now considering the option of installing the technology at all of its border stations and points of entry.


The system operates on the basis of a specialized program that can detect the presence of stress, fear, and anxiety in a person's voice, along with other factors.


The system can quickly perform mass analyses, and can be used on buses and trains, where passengers would only be required to say their names.


In airports, passengers are required to answer a number of questions, but checks do not last longer than a minute.


According to Nemesysco's CEO, Amir Lieberman, the system would not err when dealing with people who are naturally under pressure as they board their flights and would not mistake them for terrorists or drug dealers.


The system has also been installed at banks and insurance companies in Britain, in order to detect fraud attempts.


Lieberman says the system has proven itself and allowed the companies to reject a higher number of applicants.


At the same time, "the number of complaints over these rejections has decreased, proving that those affected were not so innocent," said Lieberman.


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