Alien invasion? (Scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Mysterious 'booms' rattle homes

Residents report hearing loud blasts in different parts of country, claim their homes shook as result; IDF says in response no unusual military activity that may have caused blasts detected, Seismology Institute says no earthquakes recorded; Rita from Herzliya: I don’t buy it. They should just tell us what is causing these shockwaves and blasts

Just three weeks after dozens of readers from across Israel told Ynet about unusually loud “booms” and tremors throughout the night, residents again reported hearing loud boom-like sounds in different parts of the country Tuesday, mainly in coastal regions, claiming their homes shook as a result.


Police officials confirmed people reported they heard “explosions,” but added that the source remains unknown.


The IDF said in response that no unusual military activity that may have caused the “explosions” was detected, and the Seismology Institute said no earthquakes were recorded.


Rita, a resident of Herzliya in central Israel, said, “Suddenly the entire house began to shake; even our cat felt it and began to act in a peculiar manner. It lasted for a few seconds. It was as if someone was forcefully rattling the home’s windows and doors.”


'I don't buy it'


However, she said she did not hear any explosions.


“The rumbling was similar to last month’s incident, but then it took place at nighttime and we were able to hear the blasts, which were strong,” she said.


“Last time they said it was ultra-sonic booms from planes that flew over the Gaza Strip. I don’t buy it. They should just tell us what is causing these shockwaves and blasts. It is getting a bit scary because we do not know what the source is.”


Most of those who reported of the blasts reside in the Sharon region, in central Israel; they said the shockwaves came from the direction of the sea.


Last month Ynet readers offered several explanations for the mysterious blasts - from an alien invasion to underground nuclear tests.


The IDF said at the time the blasts may have resulted from a rare combination of IAF activity over Gaza and a unique weather conditions.


An Israel Air Force officer said at the time, “this is an unusual phenomenon in which cold and warm layers are alternately formed in the air, and the sound waves move like a ping pong ball between the ground and layers.


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