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Discounted flights to Israel?
Irish airline Ryanair considers operating low-cost flights from Europe to Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth reports
The Irish airline Ryanair, one of the pioneers of low-cost air travel, is considering operating discounted flights from Europe to Israel, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.


Head of the company's flight development Bernard Berger is expected to visit Israel Sunday to attend a business conference in Tel Aviv. During his stay, he is expected to discuss the possibility of operating discounted flights from Europe to Israel.


Ryanair was founded in 1985 and was the first European airline to operate flights based on minimal service and discounted prices.


The company has 12 bases in Europe and over 100 planes flying to more than 21 countries in Europe.


This year the airline is expected to transport more than 35 million passengers to 270 destinations in Europe.


One of the managers of Europe's biggest tourism corporation TUI is also expected to visit Israel this week.


The German company has already begun operating charter flights to Tel Aviv and has renewed its direct flights to Eilat.


In addition, a representative of Thai Airlines, the president of Transeuro and a senior representative of Alitalia are also expected to visit Israel this week.


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