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Elon Moreh rabbi, Elyakim Levanon
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Settlers puncture army jeep tires
Police suspect settlers from Elon Moreh punctured tires of IDF jeep; Settlement heads condemn incident
Police suspect settlers from the Elon Moreh settlement in the West Bank punctured the tires of an IDF vehicle while troops were on a mission to arrest Palestinian terror suspects in the Nablus area, it was revealed Tuesday.


Troops entered Nablus overnight following intelligence warnings of attacks being planned in the West Bank city. IDF troops

engaged in an exchange of fire with Palestinian gunmen who also hurled Molotov cocktails, lightly injuring two soldiers.


Part of the operation was to set up an observation point near Elon Moreh over looking Nablus. While one group of soldiers worked on setting up the spot, another group entered the settlement and was surprised to find their vehicle’s tires deflated from spikes placed in the entrance to the community.


The incident is not the first between IDF soldiers and Elon Moreh settlers. A month ago an IDF soldier was moderately wounded when troops and settlers clashed during the evacuation of an illegal outpost in the area.


Settlement spokesman Benny Katzover said the Elon Moreh council

sent a letter to all residents reiterating its opposition to damaging military property.


“As we warned in the past, we stress that the settlement’s leadership headed by Rabbi Elyakim Levanon and the elected council opposes all acts of damaging property. People involved in such acts will not earn our support and is damaging the settlement,” the letter read. 


Two weeks ago Rabbi Levanon issued a reminder stating his opposition to causing damage to military property.


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