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Saudi website posts anti-Semitic diatribe

Judeoscope website reports of anti-Jewish diatribe posted on Saudi daily; hate filled words written by Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb a number of decades ago

The Quran tells the Jews the truth about their history and their prophets, purging it from countless legends they report in different ways, said the Muslim Brotherhood's ideologue, Sayyid Qutb, a number of decades ago. His hate filled words have been reprinted in an "op-ed" which appeared in the English version of the Saudi daily, Arab News, the Judeoscope website reported.


“It cleanses this history from all the filth they tried to attribute to their prophets. In fact, we can hardly find an Israelite prophet who was left unstained by this filth,” Qutb said in the article.


Qutb goes on to say that the Jews misleadingly added content to the Torah:


“They alleged that Abraham introduced his wife to the King of Palestine and to Pharaoh of Egypt as his sister, hoping for some favor from them. Jacob, or Israel, played tricks and lied to his father Isaac in order to take his grandfather’s blessings, which were due to his brother Esau.


“They further allege that the Prophet Lot’s two daughters made him drunk on two nights so that he slept with each one of them in order to beget a child. They did so, it is alleged, because he had no male heir and they feared that his wealth would go to others. It is further claimed that they achieved their purpose.


“The Quran absolves all these noble and pure prophets of all the filth such Israelite superstitions, which the Jews added to the Torah, tried to attach to them. Likewise it refuted all the false claims against Jesus, son of Mary."


Sayd Qutb was executed by the Egyptian government in 1966 after leading a failed Islamic coup. His ideas have become central to jihadist movements around the world.


Dan Bentsur and Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report


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