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Vandalized Jewish grave
Photo: AP
Philadelphia menorah vandalized
Community group vows to replace vandalized menorah, says move was 'obviously' a hate crime. 'We are all Jews today,' says community leader

The leader of a South Philadelphia community group says it will put up a new and brighter menorah to replace one vandalized early Tuesday.


"And if they tear the new one down," says Vern Anastasio, the director of the Bella Vista United Civic Association, "we will replace it with yet another, and another, and another."


Anastasio says that's "because today in Bella Vista, we are all Jewish. And we will not tolerate the intolerable."


The group put up a menorah and a Christmas tree in a December 12th ceremony before about 250 residents. Residents found the menorah stomped on and destroyed early Tuesday.


Anastasio says the tree was fine. He says it's obvious that this was an act of hate.


Police say they are investigating.


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