Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
On the attack – Talia Sasson
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Official: IDF, settlements 'a bad mix'
Attorney Talia Sasson, who wrote scathing report on illegal outposts, slams Civil Administration in West Bank, says it was meant to take care of Palestinians, yet is used to facilitate settlement activity
IDF involvement in the West Bank settlement enterprise is a "very bad and damaging mix," Attorney Talia Sasson of the State Prosecutor's Office charged Monday evening during a conference at Haifa University.


Earlier this year, Sasson submitted a damming report on government complicity in the establishment of illegal West Bank outposts.


During Monday's conference, Sasson said Israel's Civil Administration in the West Bank, which was meant to take care of Palestinians and was established in accordance with international law, has in fact turned into the main body that handles all matters related to Israeli settlement activity.


"The Administration designates land, declares it State property, and approves water and electricity connection," she said. "The Administration is the body that allows, in practice, settlement activity in the territories."


Sasson added the Administration was particularly problematic because it comes under the army's jurisdiction.


"The body used by governments for long years in all matters related to settlements in the territories is a body that is subjected to and administered by the IDF," she said.


'Moral stain'


Sasson has not minced words in her condemnation of Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria.

"The undermining of the rule of law through

blatant violations as is happening today is unparalleled. The responsibility for fixing the situation rests first and foremost with the Israeli government and its authorities – and the government can't escape from its responsibilities. As long as steps are not taken against what is happening today in the territories, a moral stain will blemish our entire society, and the government must therefore again be asked to ameliorate the situation," she said.


Sasson took part in a Haifa University convention on the topic of "Israel, the law, and the territories," to mark the publication of the "Law and Government" magazine. Participants also examined other topics, such as targeted assassination, the law of citizenship and immigration to Israel, and a movie by an Israeli-Arab filmmaker.


First published: 12.27.05, 00:49
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