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Fatah unites under Barghouti

Two ruling-party lists merge ahead of upcoming elections; Gaza chaos continues

Fatah has officially succeeded in merging its two election lists into a single, unified list, to be headed by Marwan Barghouti, the jailed Tanzim leader.


Fatah's attempt to unite the list was delayed due to differences of opinion within the organization and tensions between younger members and veteran figures.


Younger Fatah members resented the high placement of the older, senior figures in the party list, at their expense.


Barghouti's faction met on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments. By Wednesday morning, Fatah members believed a united list would be presented, but sources in Barghouti's camp said the possibility of two seperate lists should not be ruled out.


"The road looks paved to unity, Barghouti himself authorized the merger, but we were surprised that the Fatah leadership reneged on some of the agreements, and insisted on bringing in senior members, some of whom caused our resignation. We want a young, fresh list, without any stain of corruption," said a Barghouti source.


The merger took place against a backdrop of violence, as Palestinian police exchanged fire with some 60 gunmen who took over an election office in Gaza City. No injuries were immediately reported.


The gunmen, loyal to imprisoned Fatah-Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti, were demanding the elimination of "old guard" candidates in a list for Jan. 25 parliamentary election. Gunmen took over four election offices in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday.


Police rapidly brought in large numbers of reinforcements and the gunmen left the area. Police set up roadblocks and building to ensure the gunmen don't return.


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