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Mozart – will his music help improve Sharon's condition
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Will Mozart help Sharon?
Prime minister's sons play tapes of PM's favorite composer on doctors' advice
Mozart to the rescue: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's sons, Omri and Gilad, are playing Mozart tapes for their ailing father in the hopes the PM's favorite composer would help in the healing process, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Tuesday.


Two of Sharon's doctors recommended the move after reading newspaper reports that classical music is Sharon's great love, right behind raising sheep. The doctors promptly advised the PM's sons to play Sharon's favorite music in an attempt to rouse him. The music has been playing non-stop in the prime minister's room.


However, as of Monday evening, doctors had no idea whether Sharon is actually able to hear the music, as he did not appear to react to it in any way.


Speaking to Sharon


Meanwhile, Omri and Gilad also spoke to their father for hours and express their love for him. Throughout Monday, all visitors to the prime minister's room called out Sharon's name and spoke in the hopes the PM can hear the words even if he does not react yet.


Over the years, various experts claimed Mozart's music has a positive on the brain. When one such study was published in the early 1990s, all Mozart tapes were sold out in Los Angeles the next day.


Elsewhere, researcher and healer Don Campbell, who at one time suffered from a blood clot in his brain, listened to Mozart for long hours before tests showed the blood clot was significantly reduced in size.


Would Mozart's music have this kind of dramatic effect on Sharon's brain as well? Only time will tell.


Zvi Zinger contributed to the report


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