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Olmert. Life at risk?
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Rabbi Wolpe. 'Expect consequences'

Rabbis threaten Olmert over Hebron

Group of extreme-right rabbis sends letter to Acting Prime Minister Olmert warning him of a 'personal catastrophe' if he moves on with Hebron evacuation

In a letter to Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a group of extremist rabbis threatens the leader that will face "a personal catastrophe" if he moves forward with the evacuation of houses occupied by Jewish settlers in Hebron.


"Don’t make the hasty move of abandoning the Land of Israel, and don't bring catastrophe upon the people of Israel and yourself," the rabbis write.


This "warning letter" was compiled by Rabbi Gedalia Axelrod, former Haifa rabbinical judge; Rabbi Shalom Wolpe, a Chabad rabbi of SOS Israel; and Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp of SOS Israel.


The rabbis remind Olmert in the letter of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's fate after he "destroyed Gush Katif and northern Samaria."


'Concerned for Olmert's safety'


"We follow with concern the reports from Hebron on clashes between the people of Israel and IDF soldiers, with the latter representing on your behalf the interests of our worst enemies, and trying to disown Jews from their land and property," the rabbis write.


"These acts are a continuation of the eviction and destruction brought about by Sharon," they add.


The rabbis bring the examples of several former prime ministers, including Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and Sharon, and claim that "prime ministers who harmed the Land of Israel never succeeded in completing their term in office."


"It is out of sheer concern," the rabbis write, "that we offer you Mr. Olmert not to walk down the path of your predecessors, who brought disasters on the people of Israel. All those who harm the Land of Israel declare war on God and his commands, and face the consequences," the letter read.


National Religious Party condemns violence


Meanwhile, National Religious Party Chairman Zevulun Orlev called on the heads of the Jewish community in Hebron to "exhibit leadership and reject the extremist minority which may be disastrous for the settlement project in the West Bank, and Hebron in particular."


"While the NRP shares the just demand to maintain Jewish ownership of houses in Hebron, the settlement project in the town must be established with accordance to law and national consensus, and not by violence," he added.


President Moshe Katsav also referred to the violent incidents in Hebron, and said that "the sights are difficult and shocking. I condemn this behavior against the security forces. They should not be put in this situation – on the one hand defending the settlers, and on the other confronting them."


"I call on all those who have influence over these offenders to bring an end to the situation," Katsav added.


Shani Mizrahi contributed to the report

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