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'A multimillionaire who treats me like a princess would be nice' (Archive photo)
Photo: Michael Kramer

Nice Jewish girls

This group of British performers isn’t exactly your girl-next-door type

Suicide Girls is one of the fastest growing online communities around. This pin-up and alternative culture site features models from across the world including the UK, USA and Israel.


As a lifestyle brand, Suicide Girls is aiming to be what Playboy was to the 1960s, brash and upfront, Suicide Girls models come from all backgrounds and lifestyles. They share a love of music, fashion and performing burlesque shows.


Among those who model and perform as Suicide Girls are a number of Jewish women.


Jezabel, born in the north of England and now living in London is 23-years-old and has been a Suicide Girl since August 2004. A fan of music, Jezabel is also very keen on body art - she has 23 piercings and numerous tattoos.


In an interview with, Jezabel reveals what life is like being involved with SG, what her family thinks of it and future plans.


What made you want to become a Suicide Girl and did you do modeling before?


A friend of mine told me about SG and I had never come across anything like it before, and after looking through the site I was very keen to become involved!


Well I had done modeling before, but at those shoots I always get told what to wear, how to do my make up, what poses I should be doing etc and at SG I get to completely control all of those aspects myself which I find refreshing.


What does your family think about it? And also other Jewish friends you have?


Well my mother now knows, and while I guess it was never her dream for me to do it (she wanted me to become a lawyer!) she knows I enjoy it and I'm not being exploited so she doesn't mind too much. My other Jewish friends think its pretty cool, I don't think many of the girls I know would have the guts to do it but they are supportive of me, some have even become members!


What's your Jewish background? What box do you tick when it comes to religious following?


Well my mother is Israeli, she arrived in the UK in the 1960's and met and married my father, but they divorced when I was young and I no longer have a relationship with him. I very much regret not paying attention at Jewish school, especially at Hebrew, though I'm taking lessons at the moment.


When I was younger I guess I wanted to reject my heritage as I hated having to conform! Now I'm older I am very interested in Judaism. I'm very liberal, my mother is moderate.


I also think that being Jewish is about more than just religion, it’s a culture and a heritage which I'm very proud to be part of. The rest of my mother's family still live in Israel, and I have been there many times.


What do you think is the secret of SG's success?


I think the fact that it allows the girls to express there own personalities, through the shoots and journals is a major factor-there aren't any sites that do this. We aren't just pieces of flesh; we are real girls not fake Hollywood Barbie clones. Also it’s a nice and friendly site too, the message boards and things are extremely busy, and so the site has a nice social element to it as well.


Who do you consider to be modern day Jewish role models for young Jews today?


I quite like the way the actress Natalie Portman handles her career and her personal life. She manages to avoid scandal and she doesn't air her dirty laundry in public, something I think too many people do nowadays.


What's your favorite Jewish festival and why?


Probably Chanukah and New Year would be a close second. When I was a kid I remember how exciting it all was and we always had a lot of fun. Even now because I have a lot of non-Jewish friends it makes it better because I go round their house for Christmas and they come and see me at Chanukah and they are so fascinated by it all.


Are you single? If so, what do you look for in a partner/date?


Yes I am currently single; I like honesty in relationships, that's probably the most important, and obviously someone who likes me as I am. I've had relationships where people have tried to change me before and I hate that.


A multimillionaire who treats me like a princess would be nice! I don't have a 'type' really but whoever I'm with has to like cuddles - I'm a very affectionate person and I'm not compatible at all with people who aren't.


Why do you think so many Jewish women are involved in burlesque these days?


Hmmmm. I guess more Jewish women are reclaiming their sexualities, burlesque is also very fun and it’s erotic without being in your face or dirty. There isn't much you cannot see on the internet these days, and Burlesque has an innocence about it which is starting to re-attract people. I love performing more than anything as it gives you such a rush.


Apart from being on SG, what are you plans for the future?


At the moment I'm doing work experience for a record label, and hopefully after I have gained more skills and knowledge I will be able to get a paying job in the music industry. Music is a major passion of mine. I couldn't live without it so working with it would be awesome.


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Reprinted by permission of U.K. website Daily Jews


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