Photo: Ronny Sofer
Yuval Amar. Hit in chest
Photo: Ronny Sofer
Photo: Amir Cohen
The carra-villa after the attack
Photo: Amir Cohen
IDF bombards Gaza in response to Qassam fire
Amar family, who escaped Qassam attack Friday with only light to moderate wounds, thanks its luck; it could have been a lot worse, mother says. IDF retaliates by firing artillery rounds toward Qassam launching sites in northern Gaza Strip Friday night, Saturday morning

The IDF fired artillery fire toward Qassam launching sites in the northern Gaza Strip Friday night and Sunday morning, in response to the firing of Qassam rockets at southern communities, which injured a 10-month old baby.


Two attempts to launch Qassams from the Strip were identified overnight and in the morning. An explosion was heard in the Yad Mordechai area, but signs of rockets were yet to be found.


The Amar family was preparing for a relaxed Friday afternoon at their house in kibbutz Karmiya when a Qassam rocket directly hit the mobile home they live in, wounding 10-months-old Osher, his father Yuval and his uncle Yitzhak who was visiting his relatives at the time of the attack.


However, the family members understand that despite the injuries, they are lucky to be alive.


"It could have been a lot worse," Bat-El Amar, Osher's mother told Ynet in conversation from Soroka Medical center where she was hospitalized. "I am still worried about my baby boy, but since the doctors told me his condition is much better than they believed at first, I am far less anxious."


Osher underwent two CT scans during the evening to determine his condition, and was diagnosed with fractures to the skull and eye socket. Fortunately, his situation is not life-threatening.


'Qassams a disaster'


The Amars reside in a carra-villa (luxury mobile home) in Karmiya, at a Gush Katif evacuees' neighborhood. The father Yuval was wounded in the attack and evacuated to Barzilai Medical center in Ashkelon along with his brother Yitzhak who was also hurt.

Yitzhak Amar at the hospital (Photo: Ronny Sofer) 


Yuval was hit in the chest by large shrapnel, while his brother Yitzhak's teeth were broken after he was also hit by shrapnel.


The family has moved to the place after Yuval started working at the carra-villas construction site. His wife Bat-El, a four-months pregnant education student suffered an anxiety attack as a result of the attacks and was taken to Soroka medical Center.


"We barely had a chance to live in this house," Bat-El said. "We only rented it a short while ago, because my husband works with the company that builds the carra-villas site. Everything was brand new and now it's ruined," she added.


"These Qassams are a disaster, they could end lives," Bat-El stated.


IDF retaliates with artillery fire


A Qassam rockets was also fired at Ashkelon's southern industrial zone Friday afternoon, causing damage to one of the facilities in the area.


In the evening, a rocket was fired toward the Kibbutz Nir Am area in southern Israel, and a loud explosion was heard in the area. There were no reports of injuries or damage.


Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said following the Qassam firing that "Israel will not ignore this." A short while after the first Qassam barrage, the IDF retaliated with artillery fire toward launching sites in the northern Gaza Strip.


This is the first artillery fire in two weeks in response to Qassam launching. The harsh weather conditions may influence the army's retaliation, but military sources said that the plan is to fire continuously.


Southern Command officials estimated that the Islamic Jihad was behind the Qassam firing on Friday afternoon.


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