Photo: Eli Elgarat
Meir Sheetrit
Photo: Eli Elgarat
Kadima presents economic platform
Party introduces economic strategy, vows to fight poverty while maintaining policy to increase growth
Minister Meir Sheetrit and Dr. Dan Ben-David introduced Kadima's economic platform Tuesday before party members and the press at the party's offices in Petach Tikva.


"The state of Israel has three main problems: the standard of living is continuously dropping compared to other developed countries; the poverty rates are increasing; and the extent of inequality is on the rise," Sheetrit said.


"Kadima's central objective is to deal with these three problems," he added.


According to Sheetrit, Kadima intends to continue advocating financial growth, while at the same time maintaining rules that will enable the poor to exit the cycle of poverty.


"Addressing the problem of poverty is not only aimed at helping the poor. Without it there will be no growth. And this is the problem," he said.


"There is a link between unemployment and the population's education level. The higher the education level – the lower the unemployment rate," Sheetrit added.


Sheetrit also spoke of a systemic solution for encouraging people to go out and get a job by way of implementing negative income tax,
tax benefits, covering university tuition, imposing a dramatic decrease in the number of foreign workers and an increase in the number of Israelis in the job market.


"Give us 62 mandates, so that we'll have no excuses for not carrying out Kadima's social-economic platform," Sheetrit pleaded. "If the party has to form a coalition with other parties, the public will pay the price," he added.


"No other country in the world faces such problematic growth rates, unemployment rates and inequality for so long. Kadima can change all this, only if we get a mandate to do so," he concluded.


Ilan Marciano contributed to the report


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