Photo: Shiran Valk
Activists at junction
Photo: Shiran Valk
Photo: Shiran Valk
Kadima signs vandalized
Photo: Shiran Valk

Labor members beaten, Kadima office vandalized

Labor Party activists say rightists hit them, tore their signs while standing at Petach Tikva junction; in northern town of Kiryat Ata, Kadima offices destroyed, keyholes filled with glue

Labor party officials claimed Friday that party activists standing at Petach Tikva's Yarkonim Junction were beaten by a group of unidentified right-wing activists, causing three of them to bleed.


According to the Labor activists, who plan on filing a police complaint, the rightists attacked them, tore their signs and beat them.


Giora Nahum, a party activist who was at the junction with 12 of his friends, told Ynet: "We were standing at the junction with our signs, when we were suddenly approached by a group of young people, some of them wearing skullcaps. From what I saw and from what I have seen on television, I would say that they were hilltop youths."


"The commotion was mainly caused by one of them, a hooligan, who was joined by the rest. When we saw they were damaging our equipment and signs, we approached them and a quarrel broke out. They beat us in the hands and legs and then escaped," he said.


Avraham Neuberger, another Labor activist who was lightly injured in the incident, said that "they were not wearing skullcaps, but something that looked like a black pot. From my point of view, this is an identification sign for a specific group of people."


"They shamelessly tore our signs, and then when the quarrel broke out we paid them back," he added.


In the northern town of Kiryat Ata, unknown people vandalized a Kadima office Thursday night, tearing signs and flags and destroying equipment.


Kadima: Likud responsible for vandalism


Party activists who arrived at the office Friday morning were surprised to discover that the vandals ruined election signs and flags hanging outside the office, as well as filling the keyholes with glue.


Kadima member Ilan Galevsky told Ynet that he believes local Likud activists, sent by Kiryat Ata Mayor Yaakov Peretz, were responsible for the damage.


"They are really in a state of panic because many people are leaving the Likud and moving to Kadima," he said.


Galevsky filed a complaint to the police Friday afternoon.


A Likud source in Kiryat Ata said in response to the accusations that he and the other party members "have no intention of confronting the ridiculous claims made by Kadima members, who have been known to create self-provocations."


"They had better check their own people. Nothing will interfere with the Kiryat Ata election campaign," the source added.


Ahiya Raved contributed to the report


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