Lesbian kiss – will it revive campaign?

Election video: Lesbian kiss

Party supporting legalization of soft drugs hopes to revive sleepy elections campaign

Two lesbians engaged in a passionate kiss, drug use at a pub, starving musicians, and a clean, green environment.


No, this is not Amsterdam in the spring. These are Ale Yarok's (Hebrew for "Green Leaf") TV election campaign ads to be aired on Tuesday.


A different kind of wedding – Ale Yarok campaign video


In a press conference, the party presented its TV and radio broadcasts under the slogan: "We also have other aspirations".


So what are those aspirations? Strict conservation of the environment; supporting same-sex marriage and equal rights; subsidizing organic agriculture; fighting traffic accidents; and more ideas other political parties dismiss as hot potatoes.


At the same time, Ale Yarok continues in its mission to legalize soft drugs, namely cannabis for medicinal use and treatment of violence victims, heavy drug users, and alcoholics.


One of Ale Yarok's TV ads shows a "traditional" wedding ceremony with a twist. When the rabbi who appears in the ad declares "welcome the bride", two brides enter the room and kiss passionately.


When it comes to legalization of soft drugs, the party has an ad that shows police officers coming into a pub and arresting a quiet, subdued man who smokes marijuana, instead of arresting a violent, unruly drunk man also present at the venue..


More from Ale Yarok's TV ads: Artists who are forced to beg for money on the streets for lack of funding, a student who cannot afford tuition and sticks outside the classroom's window so he can hear the professor, and an animation video against air pollution and in favor of a clean environment.


Boaz Wachtel, who heads Ale Yarok's list to the Knesset, explained during the press conference: "We do not appear in the ads, we don't want to personify ourselves".


The ad campaign producer, Ronny Peri, added: "This is a new concept in campaigning, we want to introduce the first three candidates as serious, and stress their ambition to serve in the Knesset."


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