Madonna wants Rosh Pina house
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Madonna looking for Israel home
Pop icon looking for house in town of Rosh Pina so she can be there when Messiah passes through neighborhood
When Madonna last visited Israel to honor Rabbi Berg, the Manta Ray restaurant and a few religious leaders in Jerusalem, she promised to return. We were skeptic, but it just might happen – Madonna is proving that Esther is true to her word.


Yes, yes, there have been such reports in the past. But there are currently reports that she is looking for a house at the one spot where her kabbalah friends say the Messiah will return, at least that’s what The Times reports. The Messiah, say the kabbalists, will appear one day in Tzfat with memos on world peace, and on the way to Tiberias, might just stop for a quickie in Rosh Pina.


Representatives of the 47-year-old star have already made some calls to several homeowners in the northern town, making offers they can’t refuse. In due time, Esther hopes to establish a center for kabbalah studies at the house, where believers could dive into the holy scriptures and explore new ways to convince other celebrities of Rabbi Berg's greatness.


According to The Times, Madonna's got her eye on a 100-year-old "ramshackle house" owned by Shiri Hevkin. Last week, Hevkin received a phone call out of the blue from someone who introduced himself as "a representative of an international celebrity", and posed the ultimate Israeli question – "are you selling?"


Initially, Hevkin replied that she had no intention of selling. But after she heard that Madonna was the one eyeing the market, she began wondering why the singer was so interested in her house.


"It is old, not fancy, and only has five rooms," Hevkin told the Times. "But for me it has great sentimental value.


"The house is estimated at USD 500,000," Hevkin continued, "but I would sell it to Madonna for a million dollars and buy another place for me and my family in the area."


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