Photo: Gil Yohanan
Party leader Yakov Litzman
Photo: Gil Yohanan
United Torah Judaism
Chairman: Yakov Litzman

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Party history:


An ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi party that resulted from a merger between the Hassidic, non-Zionist Agudath Israel and the Degel Hatorah



Degel HaTorah, a Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox party, was formed on the eve of the 12th Knesset elections. The list won two seats and joined the government. In the following elections Degel HaTorah ran in the framework of United Torah Judaism. Ahead of the elections for the 14th and 15th Knesset, the joint faction split so that each party can enjoy separate campaign financing.


The two parties united in 1992 ahead of the elections and ever since then have been running for office in the framework of the joint list. In light of representation consideration for different leading rabbis, party figures tend to rotate.


The two factions have made sure not to receive ministerial appointments in Zionistic governments, but rather, only deputy ministers. The party has always made sure to demand that it head the Knesset's Finance Committee in order to exercise control over the State budget.



Notable figures:


Moshe Gafni


Avraham Ravitz


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