Corner Shot's innovative rifle
UK to buy Israeli 'James Bond' rifle
(VIDEO) British Defense Ministry purchases unique rifle from the Israeli "Corner Shot" company, for use in urban and terror warfare. Rifle capable of shooting in an angle, around the corner, thus reducing risk to user

VIDEO - A unique weapon developed by an Israeli company enjoys worldwide success.


On Sunday, the British Defense Ministry announced that British soldiers will be equipped with a brand new firearm called "Corner Shot." The firearm, an Israeli invention, was described by the Daily Mirror newspaper as "a deadly device taken from James Bond's films."


The unique firearm was developed by the Israeli company Corner Shot from Yahud. It is designated for use in urban warfare and for anti-terror warfare, allows shooting behind cover, and therefore reduces the risk of the solider.



The fighter can also observe the conditions around the corner using a video camera mounted on the front part of the barrel, which transmits the picture to a display installed next to the rifle's butt. The camera can be exchanged with night vision equipment and can transmit pictures of the battlefield to a command center.


In Israel the weapon is used by the Police and the Border Guard.


The British Defense Ministry acknowledged that the firearm is appropriate for the streets in Iraq and that it proved to be very practical. In March of last year the Daily Express newspaper revealed that the Defense Ministry was testing the Israeli-made firearm.


The British Minister of Defense John Reid told the newspaper that the infantry divisions need more than a simple weapon to succeed in their missions, adding urban warfare technology is gaining speed nowadays more then ever, from protective gear to evolving technology.


Fascinating, practical technology


Another senior official at the Defense Ministry said that the weapon testing is very essential to the British forces because of the significance in experiencing the latest technology. The official disclosed to the Daily Express that some of the weapons tested looked as if they belong in "James Bond" movies.


The person behind the development of the weapon is Corner Shot's owner and CEO, Amos Golan. He served as an anti-terror unit commander and experienced urban and anti-terror warfare. "The device meant to save lives. Today, when the battleground moved to 'urban jungle', the weapon can save lives. It actually complements lack of intelligence in the field without risking the warrior's life", explained Golan to Ynet.


Golan further explained that, this way the soldier can stay behind cover and still watch what is happening and provide firepower if necessary.


Corner Shot Company was established in 2002 in partnership with American investors. It has 25 employees and develops other types of unique firearms to answer urban warfare and anti-terror warfare needs. The company also has an office in Miami, Florida.


Ido Efrati contributed to the report


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