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Haniyeh. Hopes for peace
Photo: AP
Haniyeh: No blood on my hands
Future PA prime minister Ismail Haniyeh says in interview to CBS was never involved in ordering terrorist attacks against Israel, adds would discourage children from carrying out suicide bombings. Haniyeh states hopeful he would sign peace deal with Israel
Designated Palestinian Authority prime minister and one of Hamas' prominent leaders Ismail Haniyeh said in an interview to American television channel CBS Thursday he has never personally ordered military or terrorist actions against Israel, claiming there is no blood on his hands.


Speaking with CBS' David Hawkins, the future PM said the Palestinians are not bloodthirsty and that they wish to "stop the bloodshed."


Haniyeh stressed that although his organization Hamas has sent many suicide attacks into Israel, he was never involved in such operations.


Asked by his interviewer for his opinion on suicide bombings, Haniyeh stated he would discourage any Palestinian kid, including his own children, from doing such a thing.


"I've never sent anyone on a suicide mission," he said. "If one of my sons came to me and asked me that, I wouldn't even consider giving him my blessing."


According to Haniyeh, Hamas would be willing to renounce violence and recognize its Zionist neighbor if Israel would be willing to recognize "a Palestinian state within the boundaries of Gaza, the West Bank, and east Jerusalem."


"Only then can there be room for talks," he stated.  


The Palestinian leader was also asked if he could foresee a day when he would be invited to the White House to sign a peace agreement with the Israelis, and answered: "Let's hope so."


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