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10 year-old Palestinian girl killed
Palestinians report girl killed by IDF fire, number of people wounded; army says soldiers shot at suspicion taxi during operation aimed at detaining wanted Palestinians. IDF demolishes nearby building, but wanted Palestinians escape

Palestinian sources say a 10 year-old Palestinian girl was killed in an armed exchange involving IDF soldiers and Palestinian gunmen in the village of Yamon near Jenin.


According to the Palestinians, the girl, Ahabar Zayad, was killed by IDF fire, and two other Palestinians were injured.


According to the army, during an operation aimed at detaining wanted Palestinians in the area, an IDF force noticed a suspicious Palestinian

taxi. The force carried out the procedure for arresting a suspect and fired at the vehicle's tires. The girl, who was in the taxi, was apparently killed from the shots.


Palestinian in the village of Yamon reported Saturday morning that the IDF demolished a three-story building where the wanted Palestinians were apparently hiding, but it turned out that the Palestinians escaped during the night.


'Residents alarmed'


The building was besieged for many hours and the soldiers called on the Palestinians to exit. Palestinians sources reported that soldiers of a special unit raided the village with tanks and began besieging houses and shooting.


"Many residents were alarmed," a Palestinian source said.


Meanwhile, two Palestinians, members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, were killed in an explosion which rocked Bet Lahi in northern Gaza.


At first residents thought that the explosion was caused by an Israeli targeted strike from the air, but an initial check by members of the civil guard found that the explosion was caused by explosive material in a Qassam rocket.


The two men killed, one of them 25, were taken to a hospital in northern Gaza.


Palestinian security services are continuing to look into the incident.


Efrat Weiss contributed to the report


First published: 17.03.06, 20:50
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