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Nasrallah threatens Israel
Photo: AP
Nasrallah: Israel scared we'll influence elections
Hizbullah chief says Israel concerned over electoral implications of attack by his organization, threatens to kidnap Israelis to release Lebanese prisoners
Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said that Israel was concerned over the electoral implications of an attack by his organization.


"They are worried that Hizbullah will do something which will have consequences for the elections results and on the mood of the Israeli voter," said Nasrallah, during a speech in Beirut.


Nasrallah apparently hinted at comments made by Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, who warned ministers of a showcase attack on the northern borders ahead of the elections. "It's clear that Hizbullah is preparing an attack, but not necessarily a kidnap of a soldier or a civilian as was publicized," Halutz clarified.


'Where are the guarantees?'


Nasrallah has repeated a threat to kidnap Israelis in order to release Lebanese prisoners in Israel.


"The enemy must know that the resistance can't leave its prisoners in jails," he said. "The day or night will come in which we will keep our promise to Samir Kuntar and his brother in prison," he added.


During his speech, Nasrallah addressed a long series of issues, including the national dialogue taking place in Lebanon, and the IDF operation in Jericho, which he tied to Lebanon.


"Where are the international security guarantees? Regarding what happened in Jericho – are these the international security guarantees which are supposed to defend our country?" he said.


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