Photo: Haim Tsach
Bibi issues warning
Photo: Haim Tsach

Bibi: Hamas a malignant tumor

In last-minute effort to obtain more votes, Likud chairman says 'you don’t turn other cheek to those who choose to annihilate Jews'

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that "there are those who say Hamas does not constitute a strategic threat, but anyone who is familiar with a little history and a little of the present time understands that this is a huge risk, a malignant tumor that is spreading, and as such it must be uprooted."


Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, Netanyahu added: "You don’t turn the other cheek to those who choose to annihilate Jews. Today we are capable of restoring security and preventing the establishment of another Hamas state, but tomorrow it will be very difficult. The withdrawal planned by Kadima is a withdrawal for nothing and we shall not be part of that withdrawal."


The Likud chairman went on to warn that "we are now two days after the establishment of a Hamas cabinet, an event which for the entire world. Hamas is talking about destroying Israel and continuing terror."


According to Netanyahu, Israel was the only one to make concessions while the Palestinian Authority did not take any steps toward peace.


"We pulled out from Gush Katif and what was the result? We evacuated communities, but did the Palestinians, headed by Hamas, offer us a gesture of peace? Were there fish restaurants built in those communities and were Jews invited to establish partnerships or visit? Of course not," Netanyahu said.


According to the Likud chairman, hundreds of Qassam rockets have been fired at Israel since the disengagement and "we see no peace in the horizon."


"We uprooted Jews and got Qassams. Ever since we pulled out from Gaza, 400 rockets have been fired. After this scientific experiment, one could have expected a simple realization. We would have expected from a sane and responsible government to say 'that's it, we won't give anymore.' But here the exact opposite is happening," Netanyahu charged.


"They say that 95 percent of Judea and Samaria should be given to Hamas and that will lead to peace, security and stability. This is the package of meat that has to satisfy the lion, but he won't change his ways. He is seeking prey and we will be the first. This lion must and can be stopped," he said.


The Likud chairman then went on to present his stance on security.


"We have to reinforce our hold of the (Jordan Rift) Valley and the Judean Desert, push the fence from west to east, distance it from strategic targets such as the Ben Gurion Airport, the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway and the 443 Highway," he said.


"We have to establish a security, political and economic defense wall. When I say political, I mean continuous pressure on Hamas and the different governments, not to give them any aid for the Hamas regime mechanism," he said.


"This cabinet is a subsidiary of Iran and you cannot do it if you yourself are not convinced and the government's policy is weak and hesitant. We must improve the public opinion in the United States, both among Jews and not Jews," Netanyahu added.


Referring to the economic situation and many voters' hesitance to vote for the Likud due to its leader's economic policies, Netanyahu said: "When I entered the Ministry of Finance and looked into the treasury, I saw a huge pit. Pensions had no coverage, unemployment skyrocketed, we were very close to a banking system collapse."


"I could have refused to take the role upon myself or do nothing, and I would have been very popular. It was difficult, but we were forced to, we had to take the steps in order to save the State. And to those who are angry I say 'we came to save you and today we have to save the State,'" Netanyahu concluded.


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