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Rabbi Eliyahu. 'Leaders gave land to goyim'
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Rabbi: It's forbidden to vote for Kadima

National Religious Party's spiritual leader Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu says supporting Kadima same as assisting sinners; calls on voters to cast ballot for any religious party that did not back disengagement

Former chief rabbi and the National Religious Party's spiritual leader Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu called on the party's supporters to refrain from voting for any political faction that backed the disengagement plan. "A party that supported the pullout, even if it is religious, must not be voted for. It's not considered religious if it agreed to transferring parts of the land of Israel to the nations of the world," he explained in a leaflet distributed this weekend.


Rabbi Eliyahu also referred in his statement to Shas, saying the party members should repent after supporting the Oslo agreements. He also stressed that it was forbidden to vote for Kadima, explaining: "They divide the land of Israel and those voting for them are assisting sinners."


Eliyahu also stated the importance of going to the polls on elections day, and explained voting for a party committed to religious education and yeshivas was crucial.


Commenting on the withdrawal from Gaza and the northern West Bank last summer, the rabbi defined it as "the greatest damage to the people of Israel in our time." "The leaders betrayed the entire nation… they did it in order to hand a part of Israel to the goyim," he said.


"Today there are ideas to give away parts of Jerusalem, and there is the issue of yeshiva students that people want to change. If there is no political force to block these intentions, they will be able to do as they please. Therefore a religious party must be granted voters' support," he added.


When asked which religious party he was referring to, Rabbi Eliyahu said any party that did not support the disengagement fir the bill.


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