From the leaflet: Zionists abducting Yemenite babies
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To vote or not to vote?
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Radical haredim: Zionists aided Nazis

Extremist ultra-Orthodox wing publishes leaflet for children explaining why not to take part in elections, claiming Zionists obstructed rescue of Jews during Holocaust to promote state's foundation

A leaflet for children recently distributed as propaganda material by an anti-Zionist wing in the ultra-Orthodox public uses the Holocaust to explain why voting in the elections is forbidden, by claiming Zionists obstructed the rescue of Jews in the Shoah in order to promote the foundation of the Jewish state.


Sources in the ultra-Orthodox street attribute the leaflet to "the haredi congregation," a faction that does not believe in the state and the Zionist entity.


The booklet itself contains a children's story depicting a conversation between little Yankel and his grandfather. When Yankel asks for an explanation about the elections, his grandpa describes to him the history of the State of Israel.


From the leaflet: Jews being led to Auschwitz while Zionists stand aside and smile


"Over a 100 years ago, some assimilationist Jews who acted and thought like goyim looked at the problems of the people of Israel.. and decided it is the result of the nation not having a state of its own.. they did not understand that this 'solution,' that is good for the gentiles, is not at all right for the people of Israel."


The grandfather then continues to explain about World War II, which he describes as "an opportunity" for the Zionists, "knowing that at the end of the war in which six million Jews were murdered, they can demand an independent state from the nations of the world."


Zionists cutting off a haredi kid's side curls


"This is why," the grandfather says, "the Zionists turned a blind eye and even obstructed actions to save Jews during the Holocaust."


Throughout the leaflet, the Zionists are described as an evil and satanic force that abused haredi children before and after the establishment of Israel.


'Olmert a reformist'


The pamphlet has already stirred a row in the ultra-Orthodox public, and Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who is considered the most influential spiritual leader of the Breslov Hassidism, slammed the publication and called on hassidim to take part in the elections.


"We don not call them elections," he stated, "we do not elect a government, we call it 'war.' Once we used to fight with arrows, in this generation we fight with ballots," he added.


However, Rabbi Berland stressed that the injustices of the Zionists must not be forgotten or forgiven. He attacked Kadima's candidate Ehud Olmert and said that while ailing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had an affinity to Judaism, Olmert is "a complete reformist."


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