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Hamas gunmen in Gaza
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Most terror arrestees Hamas members

Organization that came to power tops IDF's arrest rate in territories in first quarter of 2006. Military source: Figure just shows that beneath the surface Hamas is involved in terrorist attacks, even if not directly'

Hamas has been exhibiting calm for a number of months now in all that is connected with terror attacks against Israel, but Ynet has learned that since the start of the year the organization leads in the number of arrests made in the territories.


The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of Fatah 'doubled' their number of arrestees in the first quarter of 2006 compared to the first three months of 2005.


Figures held by the IDF show that in total there was a rise of 20 percent in the number of arrestees in the territories compared to the fourth quarter last year. Between January and March of 2006, 713 members of terror organizations were arrested compared to 595 in the October – December period.


"In operations in the territories there is no difference in the treatment of one organization or another in all that is connected to intelligence on planning an attack or an intention to carry out an attack. All those involved are arrested. Regarding Hamas, the statistics speak for themselves," a military source told Ynet.


The arrest operations carried out by the IDF almost every night West Bank cities are extremely effective in thwarting terrorist attacks. Most of the arrests are carried out through cooperation between the Shin Bet and units selected to carry out the operation.


Security sources said the arrest of terror group members and their interrogation stop terrorist attacks through the information received.


‘Hamas involved in attacks’


"After serious attacks, the arrest operations becomes wider in order to receive as much information as possible regarding plans to carry out an additional attack," added the army source.


Hamas, which is not directly involved in terror attacks, has kept its place at the top of the list of arrestees – 234 since the start of the year compared to 266 in the first quarter of 2005.


"That figure just shows that under the surface Hamas is involved in attacks, albeit not directly," explained the source.


"During these days too, with the rise of the Hamas government, every piece of intelligence that arrives in relation to Hamas members will result in an arrest, if needed," said the source. 


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