Photo: Reuters
Returning fire (Archive photo)
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Yehudit Mor
Returning fire (Archive photo)
Photo: Yehudit Mor

1,000 shells fired at Gaza within week

IDF's artillery battery stationed opposite northern Strip fires 25 shells for each Qassam launched; rocket fired at Sderot area Friday evening, Palestinians report three wounded by IDF shell fire

Massive fire: The IDF's artillery battery stationed opposite the northern Gaza Strip completed the firing of 1,000 shells at Qassam launching sites in the northern Strip.


The massive fire began last Thursday and continued almost nonstop during the week, as part of the army's comprehensive operation against the Qassam rocket threat.


On Friday, the IDF stationed another artillery battery opposite the southern Strip, not far from Kerem Shalom. After the army completes its operational deployment, it will also start launching shells at Qassam groups' operation areas near and south of the city of Khan Younis.


Another Qassam rocket was fired from the northern Gaza Strip Friday evening, landing near Kibbutz Or Haner in the Sderot area. The rocket fell in an open area, and there were no reports of injuries or damage.


Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that three Palestinians were wounded a short while later by IDF shell fire toward the town of Beit Hanoun, where the Qassam rocket was launched from.


Near posts and homes


The artillery fire during the week was different than usual both due to the shells' high range and the army's decision to attack any area serving as a Qassam launching site, including areas were Palestinian police officers are posted and near Palestinian homes where terror groups are operating.


Several buildings in the Gaza Strip suffered great damage from the shell fire, photos revealed Friday morning. The army intends on continuing the fire and enhancing it, in order to create a situation in which the terror groups would not be able to move in the areas, while any movement might end in injury.


During the past week, the Israel Air Force launched several strikes over the Gaza Strip, both against access routes and Palestinian Authority facilities. Simultaneously, navy vessels also fired shells at the Strip.


However, the motivation of the terror organization has not been hurt yet, and 40 attempts to launch Qassams from the Strip were noted during the week. Most of the rockets landed in western Negev communities and south of Ashkelon.


The IDF is not setting any "red lines" which would lead to enhancing the operation if they are crossed, but army officials said that the combination of attacking Qassam launchers from the air, sea and land will eventually lead to results. In the meantime, the army fired 25 shells for each Qassam launched at Israel.


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