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From the site: Jewish soldier and Arab children
Egyptian site: Jews kill children
Muslim Brotherhood website in Egypt presents anti-Semitic messages for child readers, saying: Did you know that the criminal Jews cursed our master?
Anti-Semitic messages on a website aimed at children and run by the Egyptian Brotherhood have been posted on the internet.


"Did you know? The Jews occupying our land and our holy places in Palestine are planning on conquering the rest of the Muslim countries and establishing Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. They are also interested in digging the grave of our beloved messenger (the Prophet Muhammad – R.N.)," said a children's internet website owned by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Picture from site: Star of David on Jewish soldier's helmet


A special document distributed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) again show the troublesome pictures of anti-Semitic and general incitement in the Middle East, in the style of "Murder of children – part of the religion of the Jews."


This time however, the writers don't only concentrate on the Jews, but also focus on the Christians, calling for Jihad, and even demand ownership of Spain. All this in a children's website that also shows up on the main page of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


The site begins with praises for the Jihad, and a main page is filled with the slogan: "The prophet fighting jihad." The page says: "The prophet fought a jihad war against the infidels and hypocrites and beat them. Hell is their fate."


The site also contains praise for resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq, and says that Afghanistan is "currently under American occupation which aspires to take over the Muslim world."


'Jews planning to conquer the rest of the Muslim world'


Next to the sections praising jihad appear sections with anti-Semitic messages. For example, the message reads, "did you know that the criminal Jews often cursed our master? Did you know that Jews tried many times to murder our beloved messenger (meaning Muhammad) but Allah guarded him from their attempts? Did you know that the corruption and subversion in the world are the result of acts and plans by the Jews, who are interested in pushing the people from the path of Allah?"


The site also spoke about "my big homeland," and mentions Andalusia in Spain, saying that it is part of the Muslim homeland alongside places like Egypt, Damascus, the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, Istanbul and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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