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Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal
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Islamic Jihad secretary-general Ramadan Abdallah Salah
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Mashaal: We'll never recognize Israel

Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal tells International Conference on Jerusalem and Support for the Palestinian People in Tehran that Palestinians will never recognize Israel; Says Iran has right to develop nuclear technology

Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal warned Saturday that “the Palestinians will never recognize Israel.”


Speaking in Tehran at International Conference on Jerusalem and Support for the Palestinian People, Mashaal congratulated the Iranian people on the progress in their nuclear ambitions.


The conference was attended by a number of terror group heads, including Nayef Khawatme, the secretary-general of the Democratic Front, and Laila Khaled, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


Mashaal praised Iran’s decision to funnel emergence aid to the Palestinians. “Iran granted aid to the Palestinians at a time when the United States is threatening them. The Palestinians thought the Europeans are wise but it became clear they are influenced by pressure from the U.S. and Israel.” he said.


About Iran’s nuclear program he said: “Acquiring nuclear technology is every nation’s right, especially the deprived and exploited.”


The Islamic Jihad secretary-general Ramadan Abdallah Salah also backed Iran’s nuclear ambitions saying, “Every Muslim, Arab and Palestinian will be happy to see a Muslim state realizing its scientific potential. No power in the world has the right to prevent a Muslim nation from building itself or to stop its development.”


He stressed that Iran’s nuclear research is “for peaceful purposes and for stability in the region and the world.”


“The only solution to the Palestinian problem is Jihad and resistance. The results of the legislative elections were the opposite of what the Zionists and Westerners expected. They wanted to use the elections in Palestine as an excuse to assassinate Palestine. We will support Hamas and continue to assist the resistance against the conspiracies of the Zionist entity. It is impossible to recognize the Zionist entity, even at the cost of our lives. We will not be sidelined and will lead the struggle. We and Hamas will continue the resistance,” he added.


“The Zionist entity believes it is capable of overpower the Palestinians, but we support the slogan ‘Hunger, Yes. Submission to the occupation entity, No.’ The Zionist entity’s future plan is to control the Jordan Valley and fully severing ties between Gaza and the West Bank.


Hizbullah’s deputy secretary-general Naim Kasem said: “We will continue the resistance until we liberate all occupies lands."


Speaking to the Iranian news agency Kasem said: “We will broaden the resistance as much as possible.”


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