Photo: Gil Yohanan
Ultra-Orthodox riots (Archive photo)
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Orthodox posters: Zionists are dogs

Harsh anti-Zionist notices posted in Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. One notice reads: Zionist animal doesn't belong to human race. Posters may be related to struggle for release of father charged with killing infant

Posters equating Zionists to dogs were posted in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood Thursday by Jews believed to be part of a radical ultra-Orthodox faction


The notices posted included "Zionists are dogs," "Beware! A biting Zionist," and "Zionist animal doesn't belong to human race."


'Zionists are dogs' notices in Jerusalem


According to witnesses, the notices were posted by a radical faction belonging to Neturei Karta, who oppose the State of Israel's existence. The posts may have been put up as part of the ultra-Orthodox protest over the arrest of Israel Valas, the father facing manslaughter charges over the death of his three-month-old baby. Another possibility is that the notices were posted ahead of the upcoming Independence Day.


The notices were photographed by a woman who declined to be identified but sent her photos to Ynet.


"I was walking around to take photographs and my legs carried me in the direction of Mea Shearim," she said. "Everything was nice, until I stumbled on those notices. It hit me straight in the face. At that moment I stopped, I couldn't move or continue photographing."


"I felt I was at an arena where I was an unwanted dog that doesn't belong," she said. "The smile was wiped off my face and I felt shame and humiliation."


Orthodox attack Egged bus driver


Tempers in Mea Shearim are heating up as the date of the remand hearing approaches in the case of the young Haredi man charged with beating his three-month-old son to death. The Jerusalem district court will decide Monday whether to release the suspect until the end of the proceedings or keep him in custody. On Friday his supporters will hold a prayer service and a protest in Jerusalem's Russian Compound to press authorities to release the accused.


Also Thursday, dozens of Orthodox residents of Jerusalem assaulted an Egged bus driver at the Shabbat Plaza and blocked street traffic with garbage carts. Police forces that were called to the scene dispersed the crowd and brought the bus driver to safety.


On the eve of Passover and during the holiday Orthodox Jews set garbage bins alight and blocked Jerusalem streets numerous times in displays of protest. Thursday night hundreds gathered at the Zichron Moshe synagogue in Jerusalem’s Geulah neighborhood for a prayer service and protest.


Throughout Geulah and Mea Shearim posters were hung calling residents to participate in the assembly: “In light of the cruel campaign of persecution and oppression: A gentle-souled Yeshiva student was thrown in prison and put behind bars, he was framed in a disgraceful plot by the government whose aim is known: to oppress the torah observant public and to disrupt their lives, to soil and slander the name of the entire Haredi culture , ” the posters read.


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