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Peretz. 'It doesn't matter who stands at the head of the security system.'
Photo: Eli Elgarat
Peretz 'will have to learn quickly'
Members of the defense establishment are not afraid of expressing themselves over the probable new incoming boss, Amir Peretz. His future conduct is regarded as a 'mystery,' and he is being given a chance, but under the carpet, a lack of faith is hiding

If Labor Chairman Amir Peretz becomes minister of defense, as is looking increasingly likely, he will have a lot to learn in his new position, senior security figures told Ynet.


"I don't think Amir Peretz will have a problem carrying out the role, it will be a little time before he understands how things work. There will only be a problem if he goes for revolutions, big changes," a defense source who worked for many years in the security sector told Ynet on Saturday, addressing the expected appointment of Peretz to the role of Defense Minister.


There is no doubt that Peretz's upcoming appointment will bring with it many changes, a new spirit. In recent weeks, since the idea was brought up, few opinions in the IDF and defense establishment were expressed over the possible appointment. No one spoke publicly, and no uniformed figures dared bet what the consequences of the step would be. Even among those who retired from their posts, there were split opinions on how Peretz would run the most sensitive system in Israel.


Even today, when the step seems closer than ever, most prefer not to voice opinions on the subject. Moshe Arens, former defense minister, said he had nothing to say. "I'm not an analyst," he explained. Another former senior figure in the defense establishment ruled: "This is mystery, only time will teach us about this step."


A man who served many years in the security explained: "In the security community, everybody knows their work, and it doesn't matter which
defense minister stands at the head of the system. The IDF will continue to act, to offer its ways of operations for every situation that unfolds, as well as the remainder of the (security) arms. In the end, everything drains to the minister, in everyday meetings, and weekly situation analyses. He is the one who sees everything, mixes the information with the consequences of every operation beyond its physical borders, and decides what to do and not to do."


He added: "I don't think that there are those who would exploit the fact that he does not come from the defense establishment. In the end, everyone will be responsible for what they offer. Every failure will also be theirs. In my opinion, the first period will be a kind of mystery for all of us, but quickly the smoke will clear. If Peretz takes a person with security experience, and gives him experience beyond that of a deputy minister, the fog will dispel faster."


'He'll undergo basic training'


Security sources say that terror organizations always have motivation to carry out attacks, as many as possible and as most severe as possible, without connection to elections or holidays. There is also no connection to the appointment of a new defense minister, whether highly experienced or a new recruit. "I don't think the Islamic Jihad will prepare terror attacks specifically to mark the entrance of one defense minister to his role. All terror attacks want to carry out attacks all the time, and many of them are thwarted. It's clear that if a situation arises in which Peretz's entrance will be accompanied by a security escalation, he will have to learn the material very quickly and respond," the source explained.


Before Peretz, the ministry was manned by generals or at least figures who dealt with security matters for long period, including Moshe Arens, who stood at the head of the defense industries for years, and knows the material well. Peretz, who was released from the IDF many years ago with the rank of captain, will have to start at the beginning, and learn simple terms in order to learn his way around the material, or as a senior IDF officer said two weeks ago when the option of Peretz was not so clear, "he will have to undergo basic training in the full sense of the word."


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