Photo: Eli Elgarat
Mofaz unimpressed with 'bleeding hearts'
Photo: Eli Elgarat

Mofaz slams 'bleeding hearts'

Defense minister rejects Gaza killings criticism, says protesters should visit bereaved families first

(VIDEO) Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz slammed demonstrators protesting IDF killings in Gaza, saying "bleeding hearts" should go visit bereaved Israeli families before they level their criticism.


On Monday, Mofaz participated in the inauguration of the Center for Iran Studies at Tel Aviv University. Several protestors cut into Mofaz's speech holding signs that read: "You don't establish democracy on bodies of children", "Stop, black flag ahead", and "Amar Basiuni, 16 years old, killed by snipers."


Mofaz speaks (Video: Yaron Brenner)


Mofaz, however, chose to respond to the critics and lashed out at protesters.


"I can't help but talk about it. The State of Israel is undertaking the utmost efforts to prevent hurting civilians, while the Palestinians are doing the opposite," he said. "Therefore, all those bleeding hearts should visit the bereaved families and first express their condolences there."


Mofaz's appearance was the highlight at the one day seminar, during which he covered the four main challenges Israel is facing – Iran, the Hamas government, Syria, and the global Jihad.


"We cannot remain indifferent, let alone on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, to statements coming from Tehran by one of the most extreme leaders since Hitler, who denies the Holocaust and calls to destroy Israel. We must take it seriously," he said.


"We must not procrastinate in light of the Iranian threat. First, diplomatic steps should be taken in order to delay or curb the Iranian nuclear program. On the other hand, the State of Israel should be prepared to protect Israel. We support the United States in leading the diplomatic front."


Mofaz added: "Iran constitutes an existential threat on three levels: Extreme leadership, missile capability, and intent to acquire nuclear weapons. Lately the Iranians are doing their utmost to progress in two programs – the open civilian nuclear program and the secret military nuclear program. I'm not sure the West has all the information about both."


Mofaz explained that Israel cannot sit idly by while Iran is on the threshold of achieving nuclear capabilities and that the threat concerns other free world countries.


Turning his attention to Iranian-supported terror, the defense minister revealed that since the beginning of 2006 Iran transferred USD 10 million to terror groups.


"This is fuel for terrorist organizations to continue attacks," he said.


Mofaz added that the Iranians should understand that terrorism sponsoring could work against the people of Iran as well.


"The question is, can we relay the message to the people of Iran that their regime could devastate them… it's possible but Western countries aren't doing enough. I pray for the sake of free world citizens and Iranian citizens that this day will come before Iran has nuclear weapons."


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