Photo: Gil Yohanan
Lieberman. Ball in Kadima's court
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Lieberman: Convergence won't happen

Israel Our Home chairman says Kadima won't remove even one settlement due to financial, security constraints

Will Israel Our Home join the coalition? The new Kadima-led government "will not remove even one community," Israel Our Home Chairman Avigdor Lieberman said in a press conference Sunday.


"There is a difference between the desired and possible," he said. "In terms of economics and security it's impossible to do it."


The motive for Sunday's press conference remains unclear, although it appeared Lieberman stressed his differences of opinion with Kadima. Still, he said his party may join the government nonetheless and noted "the ball is now in Kadima's court."


Turning his attentions to Olmert's plan for further West Bank withdrawals, Lieberman said: "This clause cannot bind us at all, disengagement without getting anything in return is impossible and unacceptable to us."


"We already saw that the evacuation of communities without anything in exchange boosts Hamas. The entire question of convergence, due to many circumstances, is unrealistic in the next two years. The Olmert government won't remove even one community," he said.


'I approach investigations as I do weather forecasts'


Lieberman added that his party would be a "trusted and loyal partner," disparaging the Labor party over internal divisions.


"With us, 11 faction members means 11 factions members," he said. "It's clear that the 19 (Knesset members) of the Labor party are 12, in a good case scenario. I heard yesterday seven of them have organized and are quitting, or are threatening to quit."


Addressing Olmert's negotiation skills, Lieberman said "we're talking about a championship of zigzagging…they're engaged in talks both with us and with (left-wing party) Meretz."


Turning his attention to the new investigation launched against him, Lieberman said: "I read about the investigation in the press. My lawyer received a general letter about the launching of the investigation. Since 1996 there hasn't been one day where I wasn't facing some kind of investigation…I approach it as I do the weather forecast."


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