Photo: Yehudit Mor
Qassam at Zikim (Archive)
Photo: Yehudit Mor

4 Qassams fired at Negev

Rockets land in open fields in western Negev region; no injuries or damage reported

Rocket barrage hits south: The "Red Dawn" alert system identified Monday morning the launch of four Qassam rockets, which were fired one after the other at the western Negev region.


Several of the rockets landed in open fields near the kibbutzim of Karmiya and Zikim south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.


Parents and children from the Hofit School in kibbutz Yad Mordechai held a demonstration Sunday to protest the State's failure to fortify the school's buildings against rockets, despite the fact that several Qassams have landed on school ground in the past.


One of the parents said this morning: "The 'Red Dawn' system was constantly activated this morning, and there was great panic in the classrooms. Unfortunately, the kids have nowhere to escape to in the case of a Qassam attack. We call on the government and the defense establishment again to urgently fortify the classrooms."


IDF renews shelling


Last week the IDF decreased its activity against terror groups in the Gaza Strip, as part of an experiment to see how the temporary calm affects rocket fire. The attacks did not cease as a result of the quiet, and on Friday at least five Qassams were launched at Israel.


In response the army launched a strike against a training camp of the Resistance Committees terror group on the Strip, killing five organization members.


In addition, artillery fire at Gaza has been renewed over the weekend, and the IDF also distributed leaflets to the Strip's residents, warning them to keep away from areas used for terror activity.


Peretz meets General-Staff


Meanwhile, incoming Defense Minister Peretz met the army's General-Staff for the first time since his appointment on Monday. Army commanders will brief Peretz on the army's activities, and present him with possible operational scenarios in the event of an escalation in the fighting there.


The residents of the Negev town of Sderot sent a letter to incoming Defense Minister Amir Peretz calling on him – as a resident of the town – to act firmly against Qassam attacks. "We are unwilling to wait with this issue. He knows the reality up close and should act better than others," a Sderot woman said.


Industrialists in Ashkelon have also expressed concern recently over the growing efforts by Palestinian terror group to target the town's industrial area. In a meeting with Ashkelon Mayor Roni Mehatzri held this weekend, representatives of the industrialists discussed with the mayor the new security problems stemming from the Qassam threat.


Mehatzri was lauded by the businessmen "for putting the security situation in the southern industrial zone on the government's agenda." The mayor was also asked to "take advantage of the opportunity and the Qassam attacks and make demands to the government ministries in order to upgrade and promote the local factories."



Hanan Greenberg contributed to the report


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