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El Al flight (Archive photo)
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Rabbis get woman-free flight

Two leading rabbis buy all first class tickets, ask El Al to only post male stewards on flight so they do not have to see women on way to America

A modest first class flight: Two leading rabbis set to fly to the United States concluded an agreement with El Al that would see them enjoy a woman-free and movie-free flight.


The Gerrer Rebbe, a Hassidic leader who will fly abroad on Sunday, asked El Al that no air stewardesses be aboard the flight.


El Al complied with the rabbi's request and on Sunday's flight to the United States only males will look after passengers.


The Gerrer Rebbe and Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, 93, another leading rabbi, will fly in a historic journey to visit American Jewish communities.


The journey has been exciting the ultra-Orthodox public for six months as it involves the rare cooperation of the two spiritual leaders.


During the visit the rabbis will seek to raise funds for married yeshiva students attending advanced Judaic studies programs.


United Torah Judaism enlisted its six MKs to bid goodbye to the two leaders at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday.


The rabbis will land in Los Angles where the Jewish community is eagerly awaiting their arrival. The rabbis will visit Jewish communities along the west coast.


The visit's highlight is an event that will be attended by 10,000 people. A private jet will fly the rabbis to Montreal and Toronto.


The Gerrer Rebbe will fly to Israel from Canada, while Steinman will visit Central and South America before returning to Israel.


The rabbis asked that the flight from Israel adhere to the strictest standards of modesty. Their aides agreed with El Al officials that they will not have to see women during flight.


The rabbis bought all first class tickets on the flight to make sure no businesswomen are on board.


It was also decided that no films will be screened during the flight. Moreover, the backs of first class seats will be covered with plastic so that the rabbis won't even have to see the television screens.


Responding to the report, El Al said: "We do not report on our customers out of respect for their privacy."


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