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Expert: Israel shouln't respond to Iran taunts
Expert on Iranian affairs says Israeli politicians should refrain from responding to hostile comments by Iranian leader

Brenda Shefer, an expert on Iranian affairs at Haifa University's School of Political Science, said Israeli politicians should refrain from commenting on the Iranian situation or responding to comments made by the Muslim country’s leadership.


“The responses only serve the Iranian interest, as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wishes to turn the issue into an Iran-Israel conflict, thus distracting international attention from the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program,” Shefer said.


“If the issue becomes a conflict it will not be regarded as such a threat by European countries, as a dispute between nations is never seen as a global threat.”


'Iran buying precious time'


According to Shefer, Ahmadinejad's comments denying the Holocaust and remarks that he would hold talks with any country but Israel are an attempt to provoke Israeli leaders.


Shefer claims that the international community’s treatment of the Iran nuclear crisis is “buying precious time” for the Iranians to continue advancing their nuclear technology, as all the meetings and discussions are not producing any concrete decisions or actions.


First published: 05.14.06, 21:03
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