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New Hamas video has called for war against Israel
Photo: AP

Hamas video calls for war

Star of David shown burning in new Hamas propaganda video calling for jihad 'to liberate Palestine'

(VIDEO) - Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades have released a video in which a Star of David is seen engulfed in flames, and which contains calls for jihad "to liberate Palestine and Palestinians."


"The Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades aims to contribute to the effort to liberate Palestine," a man with a heavily Arabic accent says in English on the video.


'Jihad for Palestine': New Hamas video


Masked men are seen training with firearms, and attacks on Israel including Qassam rocket launches and the detonation of roadside explosives are shown, in a video reminiscent of footage shot by terrorist organizations operating in Iraq.


The video, which was recently released, is a significant message from Hamas, which has attempted to tone down its calls for Israel's destruction since coming to power in the Palestinian elections.


The al-Qassam Brigade's invoke "the sacred Islamic teaching of the holy Koran, the sunna of the prophet Muhammad, blessings of Allah be upon him," and call for "invoking the spirit of jihad among Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims," and "liberating Palestinians and their land."


At the end of the video, a song is heard with singers chanting in Arabic: "We deflect death waves, unscathed. We stand and challenge he who harm us, and return each blow a hundred times."


In February 2006, the Palestinian Media Watch monitoring organization reported that a Hamas website  called for the destruction of Israel through a nuclear attack. The website contained an image of a red Star of David destroyed by a nuclear blast.


Joseph Nasr contributed to this report


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