Or credit card
New: Credit card for religious Zionists
Or credit card is being issued by CAL and ‘Religious Zionist’ credit club; card will offer benefits on education expenditures and consumer costs particular to religious Zionist public

This past year introduced us to kosher cellular phones and credit cards made for haredim. Now it’s the Religious Zionist sector’s turn: A Religious Zionist credit club, in conjunction with the CAL company, is issuing a credit card that will provide special benefits for the Relgious Zionist public by focusing on necessary expenditures related to the habits of this demographic. The benefits would be additional to the standard package CAL offers all its clients.


Before issuing the new card, called “Or”, extensive surveys were carried out to identify the consumer potential of the religious public
and the penetrability of the card. Head of the religious Zionist credit club Meir Lishansky expects to register penetration into 10 percent of the 150,000 religious Zionist households within the first year. According to Lishansky, card-users will be recruited while a wide advertising campaign will be launched in media serving the religious Zionist community.


Recruitment will happen through educational institutions, settlement offices, and free-standing kiosks across the country.


The new card is supposed to help national religious families prepare for the new era in which credit debt will no longer be allowed at banks, to allow them to have credit aside from their bank accounts. The card will offer discounts at various religious Zionist educational institutions, at youth groups, and continuing education programs (religious Zionist educational institutions bring in about NIS 0.5 billion per year). In addition, some 300 businesses will offer discounts to card users.


The credit club also developed a special offers for religious Zionist sector businesses, such as benefits on mortgages, internet packages, text books, electronics, computer equipment and office furniture.


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