Photo: Amir Cohen
Qassam hit school
Photo: Amir Cohen

Peretz: Qassam on Sderot school escalation

Responding to rocket attack on Sderot school, defense minister says Israel has no intention of compromising on Qassam issue

Defense Minister Amir Peretz responded to the Qassam rocket attack on a Sderot school on Sunday, and said that "today there was an escalation regarding the Qassam fire."


"Today a Qassam rocket fell on one of the schools in Sderot and it is one of a large number of rockets fired in recent days. I am announcing unequivocally that we have no intention of compromising over Qassam rockets, and we certainly have no intention of letting up on those planning to escalate and fire Grad (Katyusha) rockets at the State of Israel. We will act with all means available to us," Peretz said during his meeting with U.S. Security Coordinator, General Keith Dayton.


'Easing conditions for Palestinian civilians'


Peretz made clear that policies towards terror won't influence relations towards the Palestinian civilian population. "I plan on leading a policy which clearly distinguishes between the fight against terror and the effort to aid the Palestinian population. I certainly plan to do everything to ease conditions on the Palestinian population, but I have no intention of compromising on terror. The Palestinian population must understand that the unbearable situation in which it is in is primarily a result of the activities of those terrorists who are trying to harm the State of Israel."


Peretz said that there was no plan at this stage to change the IDF's policies in light of the Qassam rockets. "I don't think we need to change the policies being followed by the IDF; they are certainly the right ones, but I expect that the Palestinian population expel from within it the Qassam launchers trying to carry out the attacks from within their neighborhoods. It's time for the Palestinian population to stop being a victim of those groups of extremists who are exploiting the crowded neighborhoods, and therefore, as when such a reaction comes, and it is starting – according to information we have – I will have the ability to make crossing borders easier, increase humanitarian aid, and promote other activities I am currently involved in." 


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