Petach Tikva

Israeli city for sale on eBay

User places Petach Tikva on auction site, with initial bids standing at USD 8.57; bus ticket also on offer

Founded in 1878 by Jewish pioneers, Petach Tikvah ("gateway of Hope") was the first Jewish village in Palestine and later became known as "mother of all colonies." In 1937 Petach Tikva received the status of a city. Today the number of citizens amounts to around 180 thousand souls.


But, apparently, not all residents are happy with the city. One has put the city on sale on auction website eBay, with initial bids standing at just USD 8.57. The auction ends in five days, however, and the Israeli city could certainly be worth more than that. The current highest bid is standing at USD 127.


The auction for the sale of the city, located near Tel Aviv, was published three days ago, and until now nine bids have been received.


EBay is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Every surfer can offer a price on an item, and other surfers are invited to make counter-bids. The highest bidder is the winner.


Two days ago, a web surfer who presented herself as Jane Lame place a photograph of Petach Tikva and offered the city for sale to the highest bidder. For some reason, the managers of the website took her strange joke seriously and published it.


Amazingly, until now nine surfers were willing to buy Petach Tikva, though it appears that they do not value it particularly highly.


Jane Lame is also offering a gift to the winning bidder: A bus ticket on line 66 from Petach Tikva to Tel Aviv, but only to those willing to take the bus standing.


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