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Ramat Gan diamond exchange (Archive)
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Bomb goes off in crime lord's carwash
(VIDEO) Explosion heard at 12:10 p.m. near car wash owned by underworld kingpin Nissim Alperon in Ramat Gan; Alperon present at time of explosion; no injuries reported. Eyewitness: ‘Part of the roof was completely blown off’

VIDEO - A small bomb went off at noon Wednesday near a carwash owned by underworld kingpin Nissim Alperon at the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan; no injuries were reported.


Police are looking into whether incident was attempt to settle a score with the Alperon Family or whether the bomb was in fact set off by accident by the Alperons themselves.


Scene of explosion (Video: Yaron Brenner)  


Rescue teams, firefighters and police were dispatched to the scene. The structure was only slightly damaged.


Sappers discovered that the bomb went off at the southern wall of the carwash shed.


Nissim and Arieh Alperon moments after the blast (Photo: Avi Cohen)


The explosion occurred at 12:10 p.m. near the carwash on Dov Friedman Street. Nissim and his brother Arieh were at the scene when the blast went off, but their attorney, Shai Nudel, later said they were not hurt.


“The explosion took place in an old structure – a shed. Part of the roof was completely blown off. It was a very loud blast; they say the structure is a carwash owned by the Alperon brothers,” one eyewitness told Ynet.


Another eyewitness said, “we heard a loud blast; I went up on the roof and saw a cloud of smoke rise from the industrial zone and the Alperon’s car wash area.”


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