Photo: Ahiya Raved
Katyusha attack (Archive photo)
Photo: Ahiya Raved
Northerners fear escalation on border
Resident of North worried over recent Katyusha attacks on region Sunday morning. 'Someone has to put an end to this,' one says

Since news broke out that a Katyusha barrage hit an IDF base in the north on Sunday morning, the switchboard at Mevoot Hermon regional council was flooded with calls by citizens, mainly farmers, who asked if it was safe to head to their workplace.


Parents called to check if schools are open and were told that life goes on and that educational and business institutions are open. The IDF remains on high alert.


Ben Ben-Muvchar, the head of the Mevoot Hermon regional council, told Ynet: "This incident proves to everyone that the calm over the northern border is fictitious. I trust the IDF in finding the right response, and I believe the decision for restraint is the most suitable to deal with the other side's attempt to provoke and heat up the border." 

Soldiers gather near Lebanon border (Photo: Aviho Shapira)


Eitan Davidi, of Margaliot along the northern border said: "This incident takes back to difficult days. The IDF has to respond mightily. Residents of the north are ready to go underground for days to allow the army do its work properly as was the case in (former prime minister Yitzhak) Rabin's days."


"If a Katyusha falls here, Lebanon's energy infrastructure should be destroyed. There is no choice, we have to shake Lebanese soil so that the Beirut government understands that Israel is unwilling to accept attempts to harm its army and citizens. The atmosphere in the community is difficult and I hope the new defense minister, Amir Peretz, will instruct military officials to prove once and for all that the IDF is the strongest army in the region," he added.


In other communities along the border, residents voiced mixed opinions on how Israel should respond to the Katyusha attack.


Ronit Cohen of Kiryat Shmona said: "Only five months ago we witnessed firsthand Katyusha attacks in Kiriyat Shmona and Shlomi. Until when do we have to live in fear? After the withdrawal from Lebanon six years ago we redeployed along the internationally recognized border and everyone understands we have the right to defend ourselves. Today a soldier was injured, tomorrow an innocent family will get hurt in a community along the northern border. Today it was near Safed, tomorrow Kiriyat Shmona, Nahariya or the Krayot. Someone has to put an end to this."


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