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IDF aerial strikes in Lebanon Sunday
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Jumblatt: Syria, Iran behind rocket attacks

Lebanese leader Jumblatt says 'Damascus agents' responsible for Katyusha attacks on Israel Sunday, working to destabilize his country

The rocket attacks that targeted the Jewish state Sunday, prompting cross border clashes and Israeli Air Force retaliation, were carried out by "agents" working on behalf of Syria and Iran, Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said in an interview.


"Agents working for the axis of Tehran and Damascus arranged the rocket volley (against Israel) to create instability in Lebanon and bring conflict to our borders," Jumblatt told WorldNetDaily.


Jumblatt is the head of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party and is largely considered the most prominent anti-Syrian Lebanese politician.


He accused Syria and Iran of attempting to draw Israel into military clashes with Lebanon to justify the continued arming of Hizbullah, which a United Nations resolution obliges Lebanon to disarm.


"They are trying to prevent the Lebanese army from implementing authority in (areas controlled by Hizbullah). Also Syria has an economic goal in that it wants to stop investments into Lebanon by making our country unstable," said Jumblatt.


'Armed groups out of control'


Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz said on Sunday Israel could not ignore Katyusha fire on its territory, and stated he holds the Lebanese government responsible for attacks that originate from its country. Peretz called on Lebanon to deploy its army in areas controlled by Hizbullah.


But Jumblatt said the pressure needs to be applied to Syria and Iran.


"These armed groups are out of control. They are taking orders from Syria and the Tehran government," said Jumblatt.


The Lebanese government has recently proposed incorporating Hizbullah into its army. Some Lebanese politicians have demanded Hizbullah disarm entirely. But little progress has been made on enforcing an arms ban on the terror group.


Reprinted with permission of WorldNetDaily


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