Photo: Channel 33
Knesset cameras capture 'white object'
Photo: Channel 33

Knesset haunted by ghost?

'White object' caught on camera floating over emergency exit, triggering off intruder alarm

A few days ago, the Knesset's alarm system, designed to prevent unwanted intruders, was triggered. Security guards dispatched to the place did not find a thing, but were amazed when they checked security cameras: On the screen, a figure of a "white ghost: was visible, lightly floating over the emergency exit."


The incident took place on the eve of the holiday of Shavuot: During that time there were no Knesset members or employees in the building.


At first, the Knesset's guards thought that a floating plastic bag was the culprit, but this theory did not explain why the electronic alarm system was triggered.


"Maybe this is a ghost from the burial plot found in the Knesset during the construction of the new wing," one Knesset source suggested with a smile. "And maybe it is the ghost of a former politician. After all, it is difficult to leave a place like the Knesset…"


The Knesset's security personnel believe that there is a more rational explanation: A white object, perhaps plastic, dragged into the camera's range, created the effect of a ghost. The computer that sets off the alarm is highly sensitive, and therefore it also warned about the incoming white object.


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