Photo: Amir Cohen
Scene of Qassam attack in Sderot on Wednesday
Photo: Amir Cohen
Qassam hits Negev community
Booms of exploding Qassam rockets awake Kibbutz community in southern Negev; Woman treated for shock, windows break

Southern communities on Thursday awoke to sounds of exploding Qassam rockets fired at Israel from the northern Gaza Strip.


In Kibbutz Gavim, which took in most of the barrage, houses were damaged but no one was injured. A rocket landed near a school. "We heard a loud explosion and we understood it is a Qassam rocket. Panic broke out in the school and teachers calmed down their students," a resident told Ynet.


Another rocket landed in an open field near the Shaar HaNegev industrial zone.


"The Qassam fell at a time when workers arrive to the factory, so we heard the explosion and the building shook. But no one was injured and no damage was caused, because it landed in an open field," an Amdocs worker said.


"We are prepared and we know what it sounds like and what to do. Many workers are Sderot residents, so we are used to the procedure. We return to our routine and everyone is working as usual," he said.


At the Kibbutz's entrance a woman was treated for shock, paramedics said.


On Wednesday, a Qassam landed in a Sderot house, exploding in the bedroom of a 17-year-old who had left to school moments earlier.


First published: 08.06.06, 09:34
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